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Tour Operator: Escape Room Rosenheim UG 1 hour Travel method:   Other / Non-Travel Region / Starts from: Bavaria (München)

The adventures of the halfling


few hundred years ago, a brave halfling succeeded in killing the great dragon Smaug. He was only able to do so by possessing the kingdom's most powerful artifacts and using them to slay the dragon. All eggs were destroyed except for two, one was taken care of by the halfling himself, and the other was forgotten over the centuries.

But now the brood has hatched and the kingdom is once again in danger of being burned to the ground. The only salvation is the Halfling's magical equipment. But he is getting on in years and the halfling no longer knows how to find her in the chaos in his hut. His dragon egg is also nowhere to be found.

Will you be able to recover all artifacts in time to face the dragon again as a new hero?

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