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Tour Operator: Escape Room Rosenheim UG 2 hours Travel method:   Other / Non-Travel Region / Starts from: Bavaria (München)

Passenger X - Outdoor Escape Game

Scientists made an incredible breakthrough in 2037: Traveling through time is no longer science fiction! So-called time travel agencies enable a spontaneous short trip to another era — a luxury that not many can afford. Expeditions of this kind are of course connected with some rules, the fatal consequences are too unpredictable! A surefire security system detects possible violations during the trip and sends disobedient tourists back to their time and straight to jail. Despite all the effort, a crafty criminal has managed to travel illegally into the past.

Passenger X ends up in our time, but with major memory problems.
He was initially unable to correct this technical error, so he has some well-encrypted notes in his luggage so that he can remember his sinister plan after the trip. An agency employee could not stop the criminal time traveler, but at least steal his bag from him and send you a message that needed help.

Will you be able to decipher the clues in your pocket correctly before passenger X remembers his plans? Embrace the persecution and prevent a fatal intervention in contemporary history — the future is in your hands!

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